Rebecca Chriqui is a creative director based in Montreal, Canada. Currently consulting with various clients on photo & video campaigns, branding, design, strategy content and execution. Clients include Rare Circles, Equinox+, Goodee, Aldo and others. Before that, led art direction at Spring, Rudsak and Aldo.
No matter the category, Rebecca has brought her fresh approach to projects spanning Web3, NFTs, tech, fashion, e-comm, wellness and more. 

I have over ten years of experience art directing and designing. With a formal multidisciplinary training in graphic design, industrial design, and web design, I am constantly nurturing the right side of my brain through research and travel. I have an insatiable appetite for discovery, and am inspired by both art and science, both logic and fantasy.

My day to day includes conception, art direction for campaigns and editorial, content development for digital and print, art direction for e-comm & digital, visual branding etc. I ideate, I create, I actualize.

I am also the co-founder of alcove, a series of intimate conversations with award winning podcasts. alcove features visionaries leaving their mark on the universe through their talent, boldness and appetite for making the impossible possible, with humility.  alcove strolls — each micro-conference in different montreal spaces to craft a memorable moment.