June 2023

/ Co-author and director of Sometimes Book.

Sometimes”, is a heartfelt story about inclusion specifically regarding children with 
special needs.

Sometimes is a dedicated in memory of Rebecca’s son Lev, who was born with a rare medical condition and passed away on his 4th birthday.

The mission goes beyond the pages, aiming to foster more inclusivity in homes and in classrooms. By educating children about inclusion from an early age, we shape a generation that embraces diversity, challenges biases, and works towards creating a more inclusive society for all.

Proceeds will go towards building workshops specially designed for teachers, social workers, and parents, where we'll share practical strategies for building inclusive environments. Proudly supported by the Habilitas Foundation.

/ Story by Alecsandra Kakon
Illustrations by Amanda Mocci
Conceptualized and Directed by Alysa Langburt & Rebecca Chriqui