/ Co-Founder and creative director of the alcove brand and experience.

alcove is a series of intimate conversations with award winning podcasts. alcove features visionaries leaving their mark on the universe through their talent, boldness and appetite for making the impossible possible, with humility.  alcove strolls — each micro-conference dwells in different montreal spaces to craft a memorable moment. Past guests include Justin Kingsley, Zébulon Perron, Prof. Yoshua Bengio, Dominique Anglade, Sugar Sammy, David Bensadoun and many more.

/ Co-Founder: Ingrid Enriquez-Donissaint 
/ Photography by: Darwin Doleyres
/ Photography by: Mikaël Theimer
/ Animation: Elsa vilarinho
/ Interview: Geneviève sharp
/ Social Media: Aïda Michelle Lopes
/ Social Media: Ketsia Colas-Leroy
/ Content: Elizabeth Brodeur
/ Participant Experience: Mounia Ghossaini
/ Participant Experience: Liela Toure